Staff Directory


General inquiries: (614) 645-7380

Council Members

Shannon G. Hardin, Council President
Chair: Rules & Reference; Small and Minority Business                          
Legislative Aide: Zachary Davidson                 
Contact: (614) 645-5291    

Legislative Assistant: Linda Capobianco 
Contact: (614) 645-2726 

Elizabeth Brown, Council President Pro Tempore  
Chair: Finance; Recreation and Parks; Education 
Legislative Aide: Kelsey Ellingsen  
Contact: (614) 645-7163 
Legislative Assistant: James Carmean 
Contact: (614) 724-4649  


Mitchell J. Brown
Chair: Public Safety; Veterans' Affairs; Senior Affairs 
Legislative Aide: Denise Friend-Foster
Contact: (614) 724-4686 
Legislative Assistant: Grant Ames
Contact: (614) 645-4605


Rob Dorans 
Chair: Neighborhoods; Technology; Public Utilities 
Legislative Aide: Kevin McCain  
Contact: (614) 645-5829
Legislative Assistant: Hannah Miller
Contact: (614) 645-5568


Shayla Favor 
Chair: Public Service and Transportation; Criminal Justice and Judiciary; Housing 
Legislative Aide: Tyneisha Harden                         
Contact: (614) 645-5524 
Legislative Assistant: Charles Newman
Contact: (614) 645-3680


Emmanuel V. Remy
Chair: Economic Development; Environment; Administration 
Legislative Aide: Jeffrey Carter
Contact: (614) 645-3559
Legislative Assistant: Lucille Frank
Contact: 614-724-4432


Priscilla R. Tyson
Chair: Zoning; Health & Human Services; Workforce Development  
Legislative Aide: Nicole Harper 
Contact: (614) 645-2932  
Legislative Assistant: Carl Williams  
Contact:  (614) 645-0854


Michael Brown 
Chief of Staff (614) 645-5529 


City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk is appointed by City Council and is responsible for preparation of Council Agendas and the preparation of minutes of Council meetings. The Clerk serves as Secretary to the Columbus Records Commission and is responsible for processing documents relating to liquor permits, initiative and referendum petitions, annexations and assessments. The office of the City Clerk also maintains the Columbus City Code and its updates and publishes The City Bulletin weekly and maintains other official records of the City as charged by the City Charter and Columbus City Code.


Andrea Blevins, CMC
City Clerk (614) 645-7431


City Clerk Staff


Aparna Donthi
Deputy City Clerk (614) 645-3377


Angela Burks
Administrative Analyst (614) 645-5292

Monique Goins-Ransom
Administrative Analyst (614) 645-0845

James Lewis
Administrative Analyst  (614) 724-4690

Averi Townsend
Legislative Assistant (614) 645-7293

Tracy Retchin 
Chief Ethics Officer/Campaign Finance Director (614) 645-7673

Legislative Research Office

The Legislative Research Office staff advise and assist members of City Council regarding budgetary, neighborhood, community, and economic development events and policies. They also keep City Council current regarding local, state, national, and international issues and trends that may affect options and operations of City government. 

Andrew Dyer
Senior Policy Advisor (614) 645-6867 

Matt Erickson
Director of the Legislative Research Office (614) 645-8524

John Oswalt
Senior Legislative Advisor (614) 645-1701

Keryna Johnson 
Legislative Analyst (614) 645-2728

Christopher Maitland 
Legislative Analyst (614) 645-5590

Lee Cole 
Communications Director (614) 645-5530

David Miller
Press Secretary (614) 645-1695 

Nancy Sully
Senior Legislative Advisor (614) 645-2010

Erin Gibbons
Director of Community Engagement Office (614) 645-5627

Sandra Lopez
Legislative Analyst (614) 645-8502

Jennifer Moore
Director of Human Resources (614) 645-7808